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From:  Kevin Hyland

Dear Reader, 

I believe that eyesight is the most precious of our five senses. I'm doing all I can to rectify the eye problems I've had in the past and keep my eyes as healthy as possible for the years ahead.  In just a few minutes I'd like to reveal how you can too.   I'd like to show you how to manage your own cataract and avoid the surgeon's knife ...

Good eyesight is an everyday miracle which many people take for granted.  Its only when you, or someone you care for, begins to notice a deterioration that you realize just how hard it can be to live a good quality life without normal vision.  

Is your vision letting you down?  Are you worried because:

  • you have difficulty reading small print?
  • you find it hard to recognize people's faces?
  • you can no longer read the credits on TV?
  • you have to shield your eyes from the sun because of glare?
  • your eyes water uncontrollably at even the slightest exposure to bright daylight?

If so, don't neglect your eyes!  Visit your optometrist.  If the examination detects even the earliest sign of cataract, then read on - help is at hand!

You can take action NOW to reduce the effects of cataract and other eye disease.  You can fight your age!  You don't have to accept poorer vision just because you're getting older - you can slow or even reverse the process of aging in your eyes.

A lack of basic information can lead many people to neglect their eyes 
- don't be one of them!

What you don't know about vision can seriously damage your eyes:

  • the inescapable link between vision and nutrition
  • Why failing eyesight isn't inevitable just because you're getting older
  • Which crucial pigments the eye requires but the body cannot manufacture - they must come from diet or supplements
  • The risks and complications associated with cataract surgery

Right now, you can obtain all the information you need, neatly compiled into a simple book:

"The Good News About Cataracts"

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Protect your priceless eyes - you'll never have another pair!

  Do you have the same plan as most people - to get the mortgage paid off, the kids through college then enjoy the permanent holiday you deserve?  We can all imagine the ideal retirement - time and money to spend, a chance to visit all those exotic locations ...  But just suppose there's an obstacle to that enjoyment - some infirmity or disability - or, worse still - what if your vision began to fail?  Imagine how cheated you would feel if, as retirement approached , you couldn't see well enough to drive or to really enjoy the beauty of the far-flung places you've saved all your life to visit ...

      Whatever your plans are for the future - you need to ensure your eyesight is good enough to enjoy it.  Many of the changes we associate with aging are in fact the cumulative effects of our lifetime exposure to free radicals - the microscopic snipers which, although scattered throughout the body, have a particular affinity for the eyes.  Light itself, particularly the light from the ultra-violet end of the spectrum, can cause eye damage.  Refined foods contain practically none of the specific nutrients our eyes need to repair and regenerate their delicate tissues.  The dietary choices you have made throughout your life could be your best insurance of good vision into old age - or the cause of premature cataracts or macular degeneration.  Whether or not you've done as much as you could to eat "healthy" in the past, you could still have a profound effect on your future eye health by taking in a steady supply of potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to ensure your eyes don't suffer the ravages of time.  

Cataract-related problems include glare with car headlights at night, or sunshine during the day.  Reading can become difficult.  Recognizing people's faces can become a challenge - and sometimes a major embarrassment.  Don't accept this as inevitable - you can make the most of your eyesight by using appropriate lighting, sun filters and antioxidants.

Armed with the appropriate facts about diet, nutrition and lifestyle, you can minimize vision damage due to:
  • certain nutritional deficiencies (commoner than you think!)
  • exposure to ultraviolet and infra red rays
  • free radicals from natural biochemical processes and environmental toxins

      There are many potential problems with vision as we age.  Fortunately, some are easily prevented.  You already know that a healthy lifestyle is a good insurance against heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure - all of which can contribute to vision loss.  The same advice to keep you generally fit and healthy into old age also has a role in protecting your eyes - and there are a few simple eye-specific measures you can adopt to help ensure your retirement isn't compromised by limited vision.  

      Your eyesight is truly irreplaceable - and yet more fragile than you may realize, requiring (amongst other things) a steady flow of nutrients in the blood to safeguard it.

      There is now an integrated system designed to keep your eyes sharp and clear for decades to come.  Some of the measures proposed to reduce your risk of cataract have already been shown to protect against macular disease and general health conditions which could cause other types of vision loss through vascular or optic nerve damage.

      All the essential information about cataract, the commonest cause of vision problems, has been gathered together into a simple, easy to read book.  Everything you need to know - the inside information your optometrist wishes he had the time to tell you - is explained in a straightforward, unbiased fashion, including:

  • What a cataract is - and isn't
  • The importance of avoiding junk food and smoking
  • How you can protect and enhance your vision to put off cataract surgery - for as long as is sensible for you.

      Cataracts can have a disabling effect on vision, resulting in significantly reduced quality of life.  If you are affected by cataract personally, or have a dependant relative whose vision is failing due to this common health condition, the information contained within The Good News About Cataracts could prove invaluable.  Whether you need a strategy to avoid developing cataracts, information about the surgical techniques used to treat cataracts or possible alternatives to surgery, its all covered in The Good News About Cataracts.  

After reading this book you will understand:

  • who is likely to get a cataract at a younger age
  • what the surgical procedure involves
  • when delaying surgery can be the most sensible option
  • which antioxidants have been most thoroughly researched are most beneficial
  • why convenience foods lack essential eye nutrients
  • how to obtain the best results from certain antioxidants - drops or tablets

      This book is intended to give you the information you need to ensure you maintain good vision and make an informed choice if cataract surgery is offered.  The chances are, that at the time your cataracts were diagnosed, you were told surgery was inevitable - that an on-going worsening of your vision was as inescapable as aging itself.  The mainstream medical community recognizes no other possible outcome.  As this book shows, you may now have an alternative.

       For those whose cataracts are already so advanced that surgery is the only sensible option, the whole procedure is explained in simple terms - as if a friend who has already had a cataract operation explains to you how it was for them, so you know what to expect yourself.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with cataract needs to know some essentials about the condition, including how best to cope with it and how and when to treat it.  You also need to know that:

 New symptoms of distortion of straight lines, clouds floating across the vision or flashes of light are not simply signs the cataracts are progressing - they can relate to other, far more serious eye conditions and
require urgent re-appraisal by your eye doctor.


This book shows you:

How to best manage the changes associated with early cataract, before treatment is necessary.
How to avoid cataract surgery - or at least put it off for as long as is sensible for you.
Which powerful antioxidants give you the best chance of enjoying clear, sharp vision well into your nineties!

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This brand-new guide to coping with cataracts may startle you with the possible options:  Antioxidants? Optical Filters?  Surgery?  Eye drops?  Diet?

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The Good News About Cataracts is far easier to understand than a medical text - nowhere near as expensive - and you can have this digital download today!

  • You don't have to spend hours trawling the internet - everything you need to know about cataract is right here
  • Addresses all your vision concerns in plain, jargon-free English
  • Gives all the most up to date information
  • Details cutting edge antioxidants which claim truly astonishing results

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